Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In Constant Need of Grace

During the past couple of months at church and in our small group our series has been the "Search For A KING" as we have been studying 1&2 Samuel by looking at the life of David, King of Israel. Up to this point in the series, David has been mainly seen as the amazing king that Israel was searching for, living up to the title of Messiah, with some minor ups and downs. David is even known as "a man after God's own heart."

This week, however, will not be the case as 2 Samuel 11-12 describes the fall of King David into adultery and murder. This represents a different side in David's life where he has sinned before God, been judged for sin, and in need of salvation himself. Although according to the Old Testament Law, David deserved death for his sin, that is not the picture that we see happening. Even in the midst of adultery and murder, the Lord offers forgiveness and redemption for David.

This passage causes me to have a few different reflections. The most obvious of these is that David's life, as great as it is, only prefigures that of Christ. First, no matter how great an individual may seem or be anointed by God, they are still in need of a savior themselves that can only be fulfilled in the person and work of Christ. Second, just as David was given a high position of leadership and praised in the public eye before failing, we see this daily where we often put our hope and trust in an individual, only to have our faith shaken in their failure. David's life serves as a reminder that no matter how great the life of an individual, they will always let us down in their failure. That is why it is important not to allow your faith be based on an individual, other then that of Christ.

David's life reminds us that we are constantly in need of the grace and love of God. It is not a one time thing, but a daily thing that we are in need of. We have never "arrived" and the moment that we begin to think this is when we show that need. In the life of David this happened as he continued to fall further into sin, ignoring to acknowledge it before God, neglecting his need. Please feel free to share any thought on grace here or maybe an example of how this has looked in your own life.

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