Thursday, November 11, 2010

25 Years of Life!

Tomorrow I turn 25, which for many represents a milestone of a birthday. So I decided that I would make a list breaking down the years of my life leading up to 25 of something significant that has happened to shape me over these 25 years:

1985-1990: Born into the Boyd family, first words, walked
1990-1995:Graduated K-5, Became a follower of Christ!
1995-2000:Matured in Christ, Surrendered to full-time ministry
2000-2005:Graduated highschool, started college, 1st Argentina visit, met Andrea!
2005-2010:Summer in Argentina, engaged, graduated college, married Andrea, started my masters

The things I am most looking forward to in the next five years that will take me into 30:
2010-2015:Baby Boyd 1, Long-term Missions in South Asia, Finishing my Masters, Baby Boyd 2&3, North American Church Plant


  1. Love it!!! What an amazing life God gave you!!! And I am looking forward the other 75 years by your side!!! Happy birthday mi amor!!!

  2. Good to see Baby Boyd #2 & #3 are on the 5-year plan! :) Looking forward to meeting all my nieces and nephews!