Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why I "Love Colt"

Love Colt is an up and coming band from Charlotte, NC that describes their own musical sound as a mix of folk/indie/americana. Either way this is one band that you will not want to miss when they pass through Raleigh, NC next week. From Charlotte, where they regularly draw large crowds at known venues such as Tremont Music Hall and The Evening Muse, Raleigh should give them a good NC hometown crowd at the Pour House Music Hall where they are happy to return after a year.

Love Colt evolved into what they are today out of solo project by their frontman David Stein. With countless hours behind the strings, sticks, keys, pots, pans and pistols, Love Colt gathered on a 'midnight train' towards stardom, telling each others secrets the whole ride out. With their holsters filled and their dear John's signed, Love Colt takes the stage with a magnetic presence, arriving with tunes no outlaw can rival. For more info. visit

Who: Love Colt, Hadwynn, Queen Annes' Return
When: September 29, 2010 7:00 PM
Where: Pour House Music Hall Raleigh, NC
Price: $6

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