Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun things to do, see, and go to in Raleigh.

Let me start by saying that I apologize for the lack of posts during the summer months, but if you remember from an earlier post I had quite a large reading list for the summer, which got knocked out by the way. Not included in that post was the numerous papers that were included as part of reading those books. Thankfully I am about one day away from putting the finishing touches on my last paper, leaving me with two finals before the summer semester comes to an end!

Now, the purpose of this post is to give a quick look at the cool places I have discovered to do, see, and go to in the city of Raleigh in my first year living here. It amazes me that it was almost one year ago that I was packing up my condo and gearing up for the move to Raleigh. The transition was not as easy as I was expecting to say the least, but after one year I have gotten used to being away from the small town beach life to now being in mid-size city life.

This list in no way captures everything there is to do and see in the wonderful city of Raleigh, but this is what I have discovered in one year. Do note, that I have discovered something new almost every week, including a couple on this list just this past friday. And this list is in no way in any particular order, but things I have come to appreciate in Raleigh and things and places you should check out when you come here to visit:

1.The Pit
2. Raleigh Times
3. Morning Times
4. Lily's Pizza
5. Shish Kabob
6. Big Boss
7. Flying Saucer
8. Dos Taquitos
9. La Crema
10. Goodberry's
11.City Market
12. Oakwood Cafe
13. The Third Place
14. The Pour House
15. Rialto Independent Theatre
16. $1.50 Theatre
17. Numerous Parks/Greenway Paths
18. Neuse River, Falls and Jordan Lake
19. Cameron Village, North Hills, and Triangle Town
20. Prince Hookah Cafe

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  1. Great list! Look forward to checking out some of these on our next trip to Raleigh.