Monday, May 17, 2010

Lessons from Southview to Starbucks

During my younger years, I attended Southview Christian School from 4th grade through 9th grade because my parents insisted. These were some of the foundational years of my life and I still describe my experience there as being only by the grace of God that I am following Him. To some this statement may not make much sense, but this particular school would fall into the "legalistic" camp, where they were more about following rules then they were about following Jesus. Now, looking back on those years of my life I realized that I struggled with many of the things placed before me because Jesus himself would have probably been kicked out of a similar school as many of the things found at institutions like that one are not found in the Bible. This school more closely followed the Pharisees, hardcore fundamentalist, with the sin of comission and omission.

I write all that to say that as I followed Christ through those years I was very confused and continually asked God, "why do you have me here?" It was about half way through my years at Southview that God impressed upon me that He had me there for a reason and when He was done using me there He would move me onto a new place. It was not immediately as I had hoped, but God was faithful to finish what He had for me there and eventually moved me on to a different place.

Years later, I am at a very different place, but not necessarily one where I want to be and I can't help but remember the lesson God taught me years ago at a place called Southview. As I work on my Masters degree, I have been working for Starbucks Coffee shop. It is not a place I want to be as I have a B.A. and I am working on an M.Div, but God is allowing the lesson of old to be a lesson of new as I start to have a new focus for the place He has placed me. Because that is really what it boils down to, God is sovereign and in control. Mark Driscoll said it this way, "Wherever you are that is where God has sent you in His providential love. It is not your home, it is your mission field." I may not particularly like the fact that I work for Starbucks, but God in His providential love has sent me to work there for a reason, it is not where I will permanently stay, but for now it is my mission field!